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Managing Time During Your Boudoir Session | San Antonio Boudoir Photographer

Managing time doing your boudoir session is a KEY component of not only having an incredibly empowering experience but making the most of it too! You deserve a boudoir session that leaves you feeling on top of the world and not stressed, anxious, or uneasy. So how do we do that?! Time management! As a San Antonio boudoir photographer, I’ve learned a few things that reeeeally help keep things flowing naturally during your boudoir session. So, here are a few tips and tricks for managing time during your boudoir session!

Managing Time During Your Boudoir Session

Before your session, it’s important you really carve out the time to make sure you are prepared well before your session! You’ll want to make sure you’ve accounted for travel to and from the studio, traffic, weather, and anything else that might come up between now and the time of your session. You’ll want to make sure you arrive with enough time to settle in, get comfortable, and not feel rushed! So, set those outfits out, pack your bag and necessities, make sure you’ve got a car filled with gas, and get ready to SHINE!

Time FLIES during your session! When you’re feeling confident, nothing else matters. Most clients will decide on 4–5 outfits, so that means a few outfit changes. We can always mix and match outfits to avoid changing a full outfit every time, but just keep in mind the time. I always suggest focusing less on the amount of outfits and changes, and more on YOU! Let’s dive into all the poses, have fun with the session, and not feel so rushed to get every single outfit in. Trust me, you could wear one outfit the entire session and you will look BEAUTIFUL!

As always, if you want to add more outfits to your session, we can make it work! It’s always best to add an hour to your session to accommodate the outfits. For an extra $99 to your session fee, you can bring an extra outfit, feel confident, not rushed, and have an amazing boudoir experience!

Ready To Book Your San Antonio Boudoir Session?!

So, if you’re thinking about bringing some extra outfits or worried about the time during your session, I’ve got you covered! You deserve an empowering boudoir session that makes you feel your absolute best!! Head here to see how you can bring your boudoir dreams to life!


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