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What to wear to a Sexy Boudoir Shoot

Planning your wardrobe for a boudoir photo shoot is not as simple as one might believe. There are many different directions to go, each one with rules to follow in order to achieve the look you want. In this post we will delve into the sexier side of things.


Lace is a special textile and the perfect go-to when it comes to lingerie. It breeds a feeling of allurement and desire while still being able to look classy, feminine and mysterious.

Lace offers a variety of choices to achieve every look. Lacy body suits are my personal favorite. A bra and garter set is also a great choice, with lots of personality!

Lace panties come in every shape and size, with thongs and cheeky styles being the best for pictures (where light can hit the booty perfectly!) When choosing panties, I recommend you to find a bra and panty set. If not a set, get fabric styles and colors that closely match. Dressing in lingerie takes some thought and effort.

The little details:

Less is always more with a boudoir photo shoot aimed at achieving a super-sexy vibe. You can accessorize with simplicity (for example: just a scarf and panties,) and with some creative posing, we’ll really have something good!

Straps make stunning accessories. They may be difficult to work your way into and can take forever to get on right, but the effect is well worth it. The important guideline to take away is to always go with a larger size to ensure there’s no digging in to your skin!

You can incorporate jewelry, but there are a few rules you need to follow.

How about going NUDE?

Are you feeling bold? Implied or full nudity is a great way to go for your boudoir photo shoot. You can wear your panties, but we will select a pose so you have the illusion of being naked. You might be concerned it will look tacky, but there’s always a good way to use the lighting and your body to keep it tasteful and classy. Or full nude but still keeping it classy!

Curious about bondage?

I love using props! They show up so well with my studio lighting and these photos are always the favorite for my clients and their partners. Don't hesitate to ask me about what I have. I sometimes forget to offer props because they are stored away safely. If you have your own please bring them! We can start PG and take baby steps into R rated photos, but only if that is what you want! Yes it is actually possible to do flirty bondage or semi classy bondage. Just ask!!

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